Showcase Series Facilities

The Showcase Series is unique in that facilities are strategically targetted for its teams. Whether it be Div I facilities, NAIA, Junior College or even the Youth Sites……each facility has a specific purpose for being selected.

We use industry specific data as we get it, and focus on serving the athletes and their families. For youth athletes….there is no data to support consistant long drives for weekend baseball chasing points. There is just no data to support this. Therefore we feel that local and regionalized events are the way to go, and events should not be attended simply to obtain points and prizes. The goal should be development of the fundamentals.

For the HS/Select market…the word “exposure” is getting overused. Parents and athletes are somehow being sold that by attending a certain event….life will change forever. Right place at the right time is important…but baseball and softball is a game of consistancy and athletes should remain in their regional location. Even the most elite players need not travel and spend thousands of dollars as MLB Teams have area scouts (this is where it starts), then they bring in their cross checkers (more regionalized) as well as their national guys. If players consistanly leave their region…the scout that needs to see them the most is not able….and he will be the scout fighting for them in the long run.