Showcase Series Affiliate Program

As the Showcase is growing, our goal is to make the game affordable to baseball players throughout the region.  Our affiliates have similar idealogies and understand that if WE raise our prices….they would simply raise theirs….and you to parents would be the ones that get hurt the most.

Well, we are in the business of trying to bring down prices.  Our tournament fees are normally below the avg fee charged by other tournament companies, yet we provide SUBSTANTIALLY more.

  1. We are the only tournament hosting company with full time scouts in the region that travel throughout the region watching players at tournaments as well as High School games.
  2. We constantly go to colleges and negotiate prices and explain the reasons why we need to keep costs under control.
  3. We take the time provide quality staff at all events 
  4. We spend countless hours preparing rosters, live game feeds as we;; as using state of the art analytical equipment to help advance athletes
  5. We send players to many of the affiliate teams to ensure they are playing in quality programs

By being an affiliate, your club receives financial benifits.  We never ask for you to exclusify as we encourage you to go to other events….as typically it makes our seem more attractive.  Things we do for our affiliates:

  1. Discounted tournament entry
  2. Priority registration
  3. Priority game times
  4. Player assistance (we assist the affiliate with any recruiting needs)
  5. Discounted products and services as needed
  6. THE NETWORK….you now are in it, and it is the reason guys are moving on!

If you would like to become an affiliate…simply contact us and we would be happy to sit down with you in person and fully discuss.