Articles | August2020

The Why?

Many Tournament Companies now exist, with more popping up each year.  We know its tough as some of these companies “sound” great!  Great images, consistantly telling you how great “they are” or who sits on their board of directors… all get the point. The truth is…everyone should be focusing on the players and helping them […]

Where the Best Teams in the Region get recognized!

What can we say. We hear a lot of talk about being baseball people, but we still see all the rings and trophies! Time to grow up and learn that to be successful, you gotta work! Every weekend there is another darn ring ceremony and before long….parents and players start to have the false sense […]

This Weeks Schedule

As we add additional technology video and scouting to our events, we are making this page the easiest way to locate your events. Pearl River CC       Also, download our free app from the app store (showcase series) and keep up with all the action!